Akashic Records Consultation


A Life coaching session With Your Most Trusted Advisers.


It can get very confusing out there looking for some type of spiritual guidance. Because there are so many people offering a wide range of healing modalities it can get overwhelming. I have a dialog with your Guides, angels and loved ones and through them, we will get the answers to what you are seeking for your highest good.

How can you know if we are a good fit?
I am never going to judge you. Ever!
Chances are I have gone through the same thing you are right now. Been there. Done that. I can help.
I am open-minded and often use humor in my sessions.
I am relaxed and easy going,
I am your guide if you are ready to do some self-work to make changes.

By having a session with me we can learn:
How to take positive actions
How to have creative responses
How to be in healthy, satisfying relationships
How to successfully solve challenges
How to connect deeply with the Divine in all things, including yourself.

The Akashic Records are described as containing all knowledge of human experience. They are often metaphorically described as a library. Your Record Keepers want you to be happy and to feel connected all the time

You have felt levels of joy, harmony, happiness, passion, peace, and exuberance in your life and it is at these times that you have been fully aligned with your Record Keepers.

Alignment within the Akashic Records feels different for each individual, but the result is the same. You know you are in alignment when your heart feels open and your body feels as good as it gets. Sometimes you may not feel your body at all, feeling light as air or like a gently floating balloon. There may be a sense of well-being and connected-ness in your body plus a spark of creation. Or you may feel sudden passion or happiness with a gentle tingle up your spine. The bottom line is that you are on top of the world when you are in alignment with your Record Keepers, and your body mirrors this. Everything feels on course and you feel on purpose.

You become aware of your choices and move into wholeness.

I ask that you bring a list of questions that you want clarity on or answered.
The Record Keepers will not give me any information that you hold as a secret and I respect and honor that.

Kinds of questions you might want to ask:
What is blocking me from receiving love or attracting a new relationship?
What kind of changes can I make to help further my career?
What are the blocks that I have when it comes to receiving money?
What can I learn from this situation? What is my next step on my spiritual path?

We may or may not answer all of your questions. Sometimes we will spend time on one question. Or none of your questions need to be answered because we will be guided to what may be very important and you may not even be aware of it.

Your Record Keepers have a way of putting a lot of information, so make sure that you bring a notebook to keep track of some suggestions.

We will be in a safe environment where you can get the answers to questions that have been challenging your past, present, and future.

$100.00 for one hour or book a 90 minute session combo consisting Akashic Records and Energy healing for $150.00

Appointments are only scheduled online. Click the button below to see what times I have available.