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The services and guidance Vickie offers center around an important message;

 The only true way to grow in a healthy, fulfilling manner is through an exploration of self and inner growth.

Vickie will not do the work for you but rather guides you by offering personal clarity and educating you with priceless tools which you can utilize throughout your life.

It is no accident you have found yourself looking into the services Vickie offers. Your “Higher Self” has guided you to seek compassionate and intuitive assistance, whether you consciously realize it or not. At this stage, you have most likely tried everything you can think of without fully obtaining the results your heart longs for. Allow Vickie the opportunity to nudge you back onto your path, so you may fully live your life’s purpose.

The business phase of Vickie’s journey began in 2005 with the opening of Intuitive Connections. Vickie loved what she was able to offer others, but knew there was still more to come along her path. She began studying under a Hopi Elder which included an intense study in Medicine Training in the old tradition. Just as everyone evolves along their path, naturally Vickie grew as well. In 2013 she felt it was time for her business name to more accurately reflect who she is and what she shares with others. Keeping in line with what she has learned through her Medicine experiences, the business name was changed to Medicine Dream Healing.

 To help you grow within, Vickie employs her intuition as well as trusting the guidance of not only her own Guides, but yours also. Applying years of study and working within the field of intuitive healing, Vickie shows you how to improve your own life beginning with your first session. There are many services to choose from, each benefiting your personal evolution.

Vickie offers  Energy Healing sessions along with Akashic Record consultations. If you are not sure what service is right for you, simply ask Vickie and she’ll be happy to help you figure out what it is your soul is asking for at this time.

Vickie works with people from all walks of life. Those that find their way to her are generally seeking specific guidance along their spiritual path, advice with the growing pains that often appear during challenging phases of soul growth and assistance in overcoming unwanted energetic appearances.

The number of people who have sought out counsel, individual sessions,  classes as well as “casual advice” is countless. Medicine Dream Healing is not only Vickie’s business, it is also an integral part of her life. When someone like Vickie is committed to intuitive and energetic work, those who are in need will always find their way to the one meant to help them. Hundreds have walked through her doors, but countless have felt the impact of her warmhearted guidance.

If you have followed your heart and found your way to Vickie’s doorstep. It is now up to you to turn the doorknob, step inside and get back to your authentic self.

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Vickie is always with a dog or two!

Vickie is always with a dog or two!

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