Actually, we all are intuitive, not just a select few! Some say it’s a gift to be intuitive, but you had it all along!

Spiritual Mentoring is the result of the Universe nudging me to guide spiritually thirsty people to learn how to take steps to discover and trust their intuition through mentoring those looking for guidance on this exciting path.

These sessions of one-on-one mentoring with Vickie range from those that offer a deepening of skills in Reiki, to sessions that focus on metaphysical and spiritual mentoring. 

Why Mentoring with Vickie?

I was once where you are now. I was craving guidance on how to hone in my intuition and also how to strengthen my Reiki abilities on my friends. I sighed up for a psychic development class and continued that into a 3- year clairvoyant training journey. I enjoyed it so much I then became a teacher’s assistant just so I could retake the whole thing all over again! I learned SO much in those years and continued learning different healing modalities and even became a Reiki Master and Teacher.

I have taught psychic development classes to groups in the past, but I really feel like the one-on-one sessions are much more personalized to each individual, therefore, they can get exactly what they are needing in that moment.

In these private sessions, I facilitate and guide you into your own self-discovery of who you REALLY are. As an intuitive, Akashic Record practitioner and healer, I combine my skills to help you in this process of awakening. 

The difference in my mentoring is that you choose the amount of content, time, effort and money that you put into your mentoring.

 I trust in the universe that our time together is exactly what is divinely needed for you.

I have found that many people have energetic patterns and beliefs that can be holding them back from using their intuition and develop their spiritual awareness. We will call on the Akashic Record Keepers to help us release those old patterns and incorporate new ones with ease.

We can discuss subjects such as:

  • dowsing with a pendulum

  • intuition and techniques to tap into yours!

  • tarot card and oracle reading made simple

  • manifesting magic

  • strengthening your Reiki skills

  • get re-attuned to Reiki (if you are a Reiki practitioner.)

  • discovering who your Spirit animals, Spirit guides or Angels are and how to easily get messages from them

  • ways to center and ground yourself to become more calm and focused

  • dream interpretation

  • finding your life purpose

  • and so much more! Your private mentoring session is individualized for the person who is ready to delve deeper into their capabilities as a spiritual being and a human being.

    It’s your time and if I know it, I will teach it! I have 20 years experience and will gladly share whatever is possible to help you grow.

Let’s find YOUR way!

Let’s find YOUR way!

I will be working along side with you making this an intimate and personal experience for you. My main goal is to give support and tips to those who are seeking and thirsty for knowledge of all things in healing and intuitive abilities through these one-on-one tutoring sessions.

What happens during a session?

  • We are all individuals and at different stages of our journey. Each person will get assistance that is unique to them.

  • Practical advice and simple techniques that work.

  • Inspiration and motivation to move forward from Vickie’s own personal experiences.

  • Clarification of what is needed for your ongoing progress,

What happens after your mentoring sessions?

You will:

  • Learn how to tap into your intuition

  • Find that making decisions will be easier

  • Be aligned with the life you want to live!

  • Have more confidence in your healing practice,

Investment: $150. For one hour of private Mentoring.