June 3, 2019

The human body can be a magnet. The cells formed in your body can draw to you whatever you are vibrating at.

We say this now because it is very important for you and others in your 'tribe'  to think about what their energy blueprint looks like.

You can tell simply by imagining in front of you a blueprint of your body. Use your intuition or simply make believe that you are seeing colors surrounding that blueprint.

The vibration we are hoping for you to match is at a deep purple for now and eventually changing to a glittery- gold/white.

This color represents the highest vibration known on your plane and this is a much-needed healing color for everyone to have.

This week, take a look at that blueprint. As we have stated above, if you don't trust or feel you are 'seeing' it then just make believe you are! It's really that simple.

Strive for that deep purple and watch it change to a beautiful golden white as the more you practice, the more you will raise your energy to this color and everyone will see it and vibrate with up there with you!

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May 27, 2019

This week, make a promise to yourself that you will do one thing that makes you happy each and every day.

Just one!

You will find that it is often difficult to put yourself first.

It doesn't mean that you are selfish.

It doesn't mean that you are putting the needs of others behind yours.

What it does mean and validate is;

You are worthy.

You are good enough..and you matter.

Once the week is over- you may even want to keep up the trend!

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May 20, 2019

Sometimes you just need a little break from everything, however, you feel there is so much to do!

Once you let go of the 'shoulds' and replace them with simple intentions, you will find that you will not be so hard on yourself if you don't accomplish what you think you SHOULD.

So we suggest this:

When you feel like you have to do a task but you feel you need some rest (or you are just feeling overwhelmed)  Instead of saying ‘ I should be doing_____instead of relaxing'. “ - try this: ‘I intend to do _____sometime today..or this week’.

See if that shifts anything around for you!

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May 8, 2019

This week we ask you to focus on three things.

1. What have you accomplished in your life so far? What have you done that can leave a legacy to others to show you were listening to your inner wisdom?

2. Are you allowing your mind... your analytical thoughts, to take over your gut feelings... that intuitive know-how of knowledge?

3. The foods that you’re putting into your body, are you allowing that intuitive knowledge to guide you as you’re eating and eating wholesome healthy foods?

These three tips will allow you to go further into your healing and moving into your own independence.

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May 1, 2019

This week we ask that you get yourself out of the past ...get yourself from the future.... gather all parts of yourself and be present with who you are now.

The person who you are now is a calm, cool and centered person. One who literally has all the parts and pieces together, but when you go into the past or the future it worries you and puts you in a state of feeling like you’re not enough. It leaves you feeling like you’re not whole... feeling like you’re a complete failure.  You may also be feeling like you were or not the kind of person that should be doing healing work or helping others. We say that this  THINKING is all wrong and we are here to tell you that once you put yourself in the present moment you will find that you are perfectly content and happy 

You ARE perfectly perfect!

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April 24, 2019

Whoever told you were not good enough was just telling themselves what they always knew about themselves but hid it. 

Let go of any thoughts you are having about not being good enough. These are not your patterns or thoughts to take and own!

This is not who you are, in fact, if you sit in this moment and just feel the goodness around you... the goodness that you’ve helped create for other people who go through the things that you have done, you will see that you are totally worthy.

 Everything was worth it ....everything you’ve been through is a teaching moment for Souls like you!

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April 17. 2019

We invite you to find what makes your heart sing!

It is time to experience joy again and more than a fleeting moment!

You have been down lately and starting to feel the pain of everything that is going on around you...you are sinking into it.

This is not yours to keep. You can move on from this feeling, but it is not yours to take on anymore.

Let it go.

Treat yourself to a fun movie.

A hike in the woods or anything that brings you joy...and soon!

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April 13, 2019

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Maya Angelou

No matter how you perceive someone when you meet them, trust that deep down feeling you get. Carry it with you.

Even if they are ‘Woke AF” , or say the things you want them to say:Trust that inner voice.

How they present themselves and how they really are can be two totally different entities, so lean into that feeling, and in the process, never put someone on a pedestal because they seem to know it all or have something to teach you or tell you what you want to hear.

You will know it when you meet a genuine friend, mentor or healer.

You will feel it in your heart and not your head.

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April 10, 2019

This week we ask you to be aware of how you are grounding, when you are grounded and where you are grounding.

What we mean by this is- being aware of your thoughts; past, present, and future.  

Where are you at the moment, because when you are in the past you may feel a little depressed and when you’re in the future you may be feeling some anxiety or uncomfortable.  So be aware of being in the Now because while you’re in the Now you will feel calm, you will feel happy, whole and complete because everything in your world is great! 

So be aware this week of when and where you are grounded.

April 4, 2019

Are you giving your body what IT craves?

Once you begin to see the results of treating your body by giving it what it is craving, you will begin to feel like a human again! 

You will notice a sense of being more healthy ,happy and whole. 

This feeling will motivate you to continue this pattern and take life as it should be....with friends, things you love and being happy!

So, find out what your body really craves. By this we mean what the body craves and not what the ego is craving. There will be a big difference and this time, give in  to your body!

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April 1, 2019

This week make a statement to the universe what you are desiring.

Make it a truth from your heart and make a commitment as to how it feels once you receive it.

This is something that you can do often because you have the ability to manifest whatever you dream of!

On another note; make sure that you take notice of what comes up with while making your statements....

The BUTS that come after each wish.Intend on clearing up these 'projects' as you go in what ways feel best for completing this desire.

Good things will come to you!

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March 30, 2019

Be true to yourself!

Be true to your beliefs and not let anyone tell you otherwise.

A person who tries to persuade you to their beliefs will be challenging you soon and we want you to know that you are the stronger person in this conversation if you just allow them to have their say and then quietly walk away. 

This will not make you a weaker person, in fact it will allow the other person to move on to someone else other than you to stir up emotions .

True friends will appear to you as this happens.

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March 27, 2019


Your S.O.H. is a state of mind where you let whatever you are feeling become that which is making you happy.

Living with that emotion or role is making you comfortable….let that sink in…it is who you are becoming and it’s making you happy.

So, if you are feeling unloved you are embracing that feeling and letting it become who you are.

Change that feeling…be aware of the words you tell yourself and let the goodness, the true happiness come in!

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March 24,2019

Just because someone says something about you. it doesn't necessarily mean it is true..right?

Or DOES it?

We want to point this out for you to ponder on this week.

When someone says something that hurts you; what do you do?

Do you immediately go into a defense mode?  If so, we urge you to  embrace that part of yourself... just love it and be OK with that part knowing that we are all made up of dark and light aspects. We need to embrace all parts before we can become whole.

If someone calls you a name that makes you cringe...just own it and we bet that cringe (or anyone calling you that ever again) will go away.

For more about this work- look into Shadow Work and Debbie Ford’s writings.

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March 21, 2019

It is time to clear your living spaces.

Debris from emotions and gunk from words spoken have left your space a tad bit funky and it is time that you smudge.

With some sage, ask that your higher beings, your brightest helpers, clear the space from all the negatives...all the energy that is clogging up your system on all levels.

Some people who you have been around have the best intent but with them comes some patterns that you have fallen into and it is time to clear it all away with some nice sage.

Adding in an amethyst to the cleansing bowl will also clear out the negativity that has accumulated in your space also.

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March 18, 2019

This week, there are forces that are pulling you away from what you love. They will be trying to get you to join them in the darkness as they are wanting bright, healing light to become dim.

Be sure to protect yourself in any way that feels correct in keeping these dark energies from pulling you closer to them. 

Do not fear them!!

That is what they are wanting. Never give in to them and they will soon let go of any hold they may have on you.

Again, have no fear!

You are not in a dark place at all, but a place of love and light. This is why they choose to come to you.

Bring in your Guardians, Guides and Loved Ones to protect you each and every day.

Be positive and all will be well.