Tarot Tutoring


Ready to really learn to read the tarot?

I have had a love affair with Tarot for many years and I searched many of those years looking for a way to learn to read Tarot. I took several classes in person and online, read all the books, but still, I just didn't get it. It just felt cold or just like there was more than memorizing 78 card meanings. As crazy as it sounds I actually found a deck that taught me to listen to my intuition and let it all unfold and wow! did it ever!

I am now teaching individuals my fun, easy, and intuitive approach to reading the cards. If you have ever been drawn to Tarot, well, then it is time to learn!

Each of these one-on-one classes will be 60 minutes long and you will learn how to open up and listen to your intuition and read for yourself and others. Take as many lessons as you would like! Its all up to you and I will cater each one-on-one class just for you , wherever you are at on your Tarot journey.

Each 60 minute session is $80.