Tarot Fun


Tarot Fun for all!

A fun way to get acquainted with the cards.

Each workshop in this series is 1-1/2-2 hours, and will cost $20.00 

Tentatively, each workshop will be on the first Friday of every month unless otherwise noted. 

You can come to one or all, it’s up to you and how far you want to take your Tarot skills!

Payment must be made to reserve your spot each workshop.



Coming soon:

Discover Your  Ideal  Self  Through The Cards

Be sure to bring a journal and pen and your favorite Tarot deck!

When working on self-growth and moving along on your journey of change, it can be helpful to have a powerful image to inspire you, especially if that image encapsulates personal qualities that you would like to possess.

This workshop will help you find those qualities and possibly finding those you didn’t know existed within.

Embracing Your Shadow Self


You will need a journal/notebook and pen.

Psychologist Carl Jung defined our shadow self as the person we don’t want to be, but the shadow also represents things we refuse to acknowledge about ourselves. 

We will choose and work with the cards that will show parts of yourself which you are resisting, those sides you would rather deny.

More Topics To Come!