Tarot Consultations


a consultation not fortune telling.

I love using cards for healing and growth. No, I won’t wear a headscarf and also gaze into a crystal ball and tell you if he is coming back to you, but I will advise you what you can do to move forward and heal from a breakup.

Tarot is very simple, almost blunt sometimes and together we will use Tarot as a tool to help guide you or help you to make the decision yourself, a consultation not a fortune telling. Tarot works best when you are looking for greater insight on a specific topic, to get an objective picture of the situation or for the development of self.  

The tarot can be a useful tool for self-discovery.  In your tarot consultation, we use the cards in meditations, visualizations, and readings that deepen your inquiry and provide clarity to the situations at hand. To go even deeper into my readings I open up the Akashic Records and consult the cards with our Record Keepers giving advice!

You may be consulting tarot because you are facing a problem or challenge or something about your life is troubling you, and you want to understand why it is happening and what you can do about it, but the tarot can't make our decisions for us. Tarot gives us insight into how best to approach the situation in the present moment. The cards are tools that are used to reflect the energy of the situation in question. They provide insight on many levels from self-development, to practical life questions and it’s up to you to what you do with the information.

My card readings are for you if you:

  • Are ready to see where/why you are stuck and what changes you can make.

  • Want to know about certain situations pertaining to your spiritual growth.

  • Are ready to do some self-reflection and self-work.

So you can see; my readings are one part cards and one part coaching!

Cost is $50 for 1/2 hour


$90 for 1 hour