Reiki Level III


Usui Reiki Level III Class A & B

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This class is two parts:

Part 1 will cover becoming a Reiki Master and part 2 will cover teaching Reiki and opening your own practice. To move to this level of Reiki takes a special person, one who has a genuine call to want to help others and a wish to commit themselves to the processes and challenges of Reiki.

I ask that at least 6 months of Reiki practice is given prior to taking this class unless meeting with me and discussing otherwise.

In these classes you will learn:

  • The master symbol , the symbol that will intensify your other Reiki symbols and a special attunement symbol.
  • How to give a healing attunement.
  • A special aura cleansing technique.
  • Who your Master Reiki guide is.
  • How your healing energy will flow at a stronger and vibrate at a more intense level.
  • How to attune others in this wonderful energy technique.
  • How to teach Reiki.
  • How to become a confident Reiki practitioner.
  • How to do Aura cleansing , a very powerful technique to use in your Reiki practice.
  • Tips and ideas for running your Reiki business.
  • Get access to a private Facebook group with other Reiki students and practitioners.

A Reiki Master class does not necessarily make you a Reiki Master - right away, but it gives you all the tools to grow into one.Therefore, please don't feel intimidated. You don't need to start teaching right off the bat - in fact, most Reiki Masters never do. It took me several years before I felt ready!

The main reason to take this class is to understand the full potential of the system of Reiki, and the wish to dedicate your life to Reiki as a spiritual path.

It is a profound and wonderful decision to make, and a truly joyous one.

Coming August 2018


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