Weekly Messages From Your Record Keepers


 “Where are you in your life right at this moment? Are you in the past? Are you planning in the future? We would like for you to pay attention to your thoughts in the present time. You are avoiding something and it is time that you address it. Address it in the now presence.”
(Edited from a Message for a subscriber)

What are your Record Keepers wanting you to know?

Wouldn’t you love receiving your own advice for the week?

Your messages are delivered to your email box from your very own Record Keepers (Your Guides, Masters, teachers & loved ones) once a week.

When you sign up you will receive a weekly email on Monday that is created just for you consisting of a message from your Record Keepers. I will gather the vibration of you and your R.K.s. and I will consciously channel a message just for you.

Basically your own personal, spiritual coaching team!

I will also pull a Tarot or an oracle card and give you the meaning for further guidance throughout your week. I am amazed how often the card complements the message!

Your Record Keepers will at times give you an affirmation or a gemstone to work with through the next 7 days to help motivate you and inspire you through your week and suggest books or meditations that may be of help to YOU!

What People Are Saying About Their Messages:

"I first signed up to Vickie’s Weekly Messages over a year ago. They give me deep insights that I trust, as well as things to reflect on each week, and clear questions for me to answer through journaling and writing. They have pushed me to take action, given me topics to think about, and clarity during times of confusion. I love that I can sign up for one month or multiple months at a time. "

"..I am constantly amazed how well the messages fit in to what I’m going through at the time I receive them. They teach me more about myself and also remind me of things I need to be working on. They’ve made my Mondays something to look forward to!"

"Perfect!!!! Thank you so much. This is my favorite part of my Mondays!!"

"Wow! did I ever need that!!!! Thank You so much! Funny never really realized how much the e-mails would help!!! "

"My weekly messages have been awesome! I was so disappointed to see that it was my last message, I signed up for another month. Thank you Vickie!"

"You hit exactly what I was thinking and just talking about with a friend…when I read your response to my request, I simply exhaled a huge sigh of relief…thank you!!"

 “Thank you so much for your weekly messages. I’ve enjoyed receiving them each week and they have mirrored almost exactly the transformation I’ve been going through over the last 40 days – absolutely perfect timing!”



Samples  Of  The  Messages  That Are Given:

“You have the strength of a thousand bears yet you don’t realize the power that you have! Take the time to know your solar plexus chakra. Give it love and the attention it (like you) deserves.”

“….have you ever had a Popsicle and it melted down your arm only to lick it off with a guilty smile? Have you ever thought about swinging on that swing in the playground at the park? Caught any lightning bugs lately?It is time to let yourself have child-like moments. Moments of joy and childlike laughter. Time to let the inner child come out and play. She has nobody telling her to be quiet anymore other than her inner adult..you.”

Each weekly message is channeled from YOUR Record Keepers.

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Holly uses her Weekly Messages to journal with throughout her week.