It all started when...

I took my Medicine training in the old,traditional way from a lovely Hopi elder in 2013.  I felt like I found my calling, my home. Everything finally fell into place for me in terms of my healing practice and my everyday life.

I was starting to see from my heart and not my eyes. It felt was wonderful!

While in my Shamanic training, I  learned how to travel into other dimensions of realities to bring back answers to be of help to my fellow students and now I would like to offer this service to you.

What this looks like is; This is a sacred time for me. I have some soft drumming playing, I light some sage and ground and center myself.  I either go to the Lower-world  ( a place where spirits of nature reside and Power animals can be found. Where information about what is going on now will be.) or the Upper-World  (where we turn for spiritual guidance and wisdom that is of a higher vibration than that of Lower-World wisdom. It is not better, just a different quality.)  My Guide will then lead me to which world we need to visit. I then just sit in quiet meditation and allow them to speak to me. This can come in many forms; words, pictures, sounds, smells, even song lyrics.

I ask questions. I listen.

In this service, I will venture into a dimension for you. I will listen and take notes of our conversations while in either plane.  You won't need to ask any questions for this service. Your guides will tell me exactly what you need in the moment.

I will email you a message containing the conversations made while in your Medicine Quest, along with some journal prompts for some deep self- work.


Vickie recently did a Medicine Quest for me, and I loved it because it drew my focus to things that I hadn’t previously been aware of. The message really resonated with me, and it gave me clear journal prompts to think about, which was great because it made it into something practical that I could use (rather than just being an interesting message to read). I printed out the message and pasted it into my journal to help guide me through my inner work. The journey gave me clarity as to where I am on my path, and it helped me to go deeper with my own personal work. I highly recommend the weekly Medicine Quest, because they give deep guidance that can help you on your personal journey through life.
— Holly W.
Thank you so much for my Medicine Quest! I really loved that there were images to accompany the very accurate and powerful message that came through. I thought the journal prompts were very thoughtful and helped me to expand on my feelings about the Quest and consider how I will integrate and implement the information given. Definitely, recommend Vickie for a solid resource of guidance!
— Sonya H.
My main Guardians on the Shamanic Medicine Quests,

My main Guardians on the Shamanic Medicine Quests,


This offering is for you if:

  • You are looking for guidance on your path.

  • You feel stuck and need a nudge.

  • You want to start working with your Power Animal.

  • You just want to know what you need to know right now!

  • You are ready to do some self- work and healing.

This offering is not for you if:

  • You are looking for fortune telling. (You'll be getting deep guidance on your path, rather than specific things that might happen in your future)

  • You have a specific question in mind. (Your guides will give you information that you need to hear right now, rather than what you think you need!)

  • You don't want to do self work. (This guidance will help you with your self-work and healing, and it's up to you to make use of these messages)


Excerpts from recent Medicine Quests

He states:” It is time to step into your most powerful self!”
He then points to your 3rd chakra and motions you over towards him. You walk nervously towards him and then kneeling to him you notice your solar plexus is shaking. He taps you gently on the top of your head and then speaks’: “You, are a child in my light. I am you, you are me.”
You can take your visions everywhere and anywhere you want. You must take the power you once had. It is yours and yours alone.”

Once he speaks those words, you stand up and he graces you with a beautiful yellow scarf. One that is embellished with diamonds. Each diamond represents a part of you that is YOU. There are some missing and these are the parts of you where you gave up your power to others.
‘X is finding her way right now and discovering what she thought was happiness is not. She had distanced herself off from those things that bring her joy..”

X picks up her hedgehog and starts to walk through the woods. She glances at the forest floor and sees tiny pearls making a path for her. As she follows these pearls, she is noticing that there are drops blood on a few. I ask: Why the blood? I hear “ The blood represents the times she felt betrayal in her tiny world where she lived as a child. She is healing but this is a cleansing blood. She is making her way through the passages of her youth and discovering that she and she alone can make it.’
As she walks, she picks up the pearls covered in blood. Hedgehog gently reassures her that he and her together can cleanse these memories and walk in beauty together.

Ready to get started on your healing journey?

Cost : $50 for 1 Medicine Quest.

You will receive your personal quest results in an email within 48 hours