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Medicine Dream Healing's energy healing sessions are all about healing and realigning the whole body. No two sessions are ever alike although most begin with an initial interview during which the client describes the physical and/or emotional symptoms they are experiencing, as well as problems that may be arising in their life. We will decide the way to balance out what’s not working and become more of yourself. 

Fortunately, Vickie has a huge toolkit and the methods used in your energy session can consist of any of the following:

  • Reiki - A Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation. Vickie was attuned to Reiki in 2000 and is a Reiki Master/Teacher.

  • Quantum Touch- A vibrational touch therapy that incorporates touch, breath-work, and body awareness meditations. Vickie was certified as a QT practitioner in 2004

  • Visualizations/ Meditation- Sometimes during a session, Vickie might lead you through a short visualization to help identify an energetic block so you can release it.

  • Chakra Cleansing & Balancing. Vickie uses various techniques to make sure your chakras are shiny, happy and healthy. For a more intense chakra healing, try a Sound Healing session!

  • Releasing energetic blocks no longer serving you.- Sometimes it Is just a pattern you can easily release and Vickie can use an exercise to help you release those blocks.

  • Smudging your energy field with dried sage and other sacred herbs.

  • Energetic cord removal- A mental and or emotional connection to someone or something other than ourselves that both gives and receives energy (very similar to an electric cord).

  • Shamanic techniques including Journeys - Vickie has been through an extensive practitioner course with a Hopi elder.

  • Crystal healing- Vickie loves using the wisdom of The Stone People during energy healing sessions.

I pride myself on building deep long lasting healing relationships with my clients. The 4 session package ultimately, is designed to bring a client back into energetic and spiritual alignment.  The body needs time to respond to the energetic and emotional changes (after all, you have probably had this misalignment for a LONG time!). Occasionally only one or two sessions are needed to get a client back on their path. And sometimes more than four sessions are required.

Vickie's sessions are very interactive. You do not lie back and get "fixed" by her. You, the client, must play your part. This means answering questions and acknowledging the feelings or emotions present, in order to release them. She places a lot of emphasis on allowing you, the client to take ownership of your intended changes. Can’t make it to my office? How about a Distant Reiki Session?

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$95. for 1 hour or purchase a package of 4- 1 hour sessions for $340.

or book a 90 minute session consisting of a combo of energy healing and Akashic Records for $150.00

Appointments are only scheduled online. Click the button below to see what times I have available.

What you may experience after your session:

  • A feeling of being lighter and not bogged down.

  • Relaxed and refreshed

  • Feeling like you can actually see.

  • A reduction of pain

  • Clarity

  • A sense of a new direction

  • A more peaceful night’s sleep

  • Better, less constricted breathing

  • Increased positivity

  • A sense of re-connection of your mind-body-spirit


The first session I had with Vickie was life-changing for me. I’ve experienced a lifetime of stomach problems. The GI professionals had done all they could. The pain was so bad I had stopped eating two weeks before I met Vickie. After the session, I ate a small salad and within three sessions I was eating normally. A miracle for me.”- L.L.

“What an amazing experience! Vickie has a way of making you feel instantly comfortable. Within minutes of our session, I felt healing (physically and emotionally), in areas that I didn’t even know needed repair. Her incorporation of various techniques provides a holistic approach to healing. The overall experience brought joy, clarity, and direction to my life. I felt the invisible weight lift off my shoulders. I can not thank Vickie enough for the results of our session!” Colene from

A trusted friend referred me to Vickie for an energy healing session. It was amazing! She helped me tune in to what I need to let go of as I step forward into the career and life that I want for myself. Profound concepts explored during the session have stayed with me as daily reminders of what I need to focus on. I felt very safe in her professional yet sacred space. Highly recommend.”  L.M.