dEEP dIVE intensive sESSIONS



Are you stuck? I MEAN REALLY STUCK?

  • Do you feel like you are working on healing or resolving an issue but you are just not getting it?
  • Are you tired of clearing your chakras or clearing out patterns built up with the healing tools in which you have but seem to be going nowhere?
  • Do you feel like outside help just might be the answer but don't know what  kind?
  • Do you keep throwing those "clarifying" cards, when using oracle cards for yourself, but still can't seem to get the answers you are seeking?

Then  the Deep Dive Intensive Sessions might be for you!

What the Deep Dive session entails is 90 minutes of deep, self-healing guided from Vickie and the Akashic Record Keepers.

We will start by opening your Akashic Records.

This will give us support and guidance from your own Masters, Teachers, Guides and Ancestors who make up your Record Keepers. As Vickie consciously channels your Record Keepers, she will allow you to ask questions about where you are feeling stuck in your life and what action steps to take to succeed.

This will also involve using Oracle and Tarot cards to further gain clarity and advice on a level of internal work.

We can also use energy work such as Reiki and chakra clearing to clear out the old patterns of energy and welcome in the new.

Testimonial from Emily:

If you REALLY want to make progress and walk out having jumped light-years ahead... it’s perfect. For me, it is like going in and getting the tough bits that are challenging to find on my own just because the feedback loop is not as clear working on your own. I feel like it bottom lines all the work I might have done for myself.. and really puts everything into perspective. The feedback loop— that is key for me in our sessions.


$140. for 90 minutes