Reiki Level II -Advanced Techniques in Healing


Reiki Level II advanced techniques

I am now teaching an advanced level for level II practitioners as a refresher course and a way to teach some of the intuitive techniques that I use in my Reiki practice.

In this class we will go over what we learned in Levels I & II and:

  • Learn how to use crystals in your Reiki practice.
  • Gain new ways of protecting yourself energetically.
  • Learn a simple way to tap into your intuition.
  • Learn a powerful technique to open your client's chakras to take in more healing energy.
  • Learn Aura clearing techniques.
  • Discuss using pendulums in your reiki practice.
  • Learn an important technique in distant healing.
  • Learn techniques to help ground your client during their session.
  • Discuss; Is it you or your client's energy you are picking up in the session.

Prerequisite: You must have had level II with Vickie.

Date: TBA


Cost: $130.  which includes a $30 materials deposit and manual .