Advanced healing Techniques for Reiki practitioners


Tools to deepen your Reiki practice!


Is this class for you?

  • Have you taken Reiki classes but feel like you have lost that amazing feeling you had while learning and taking that class?

  • Do you feel like you aren't feeling anything while practicing Reiki on yourself and others and everyone else does?

  • Do you want to develop your intuition to see the chakra system and energy while giving Reiki?

  • Are you curious about how to use crystals or pendulums in your Reiki sessions?

  • Do you need a refresher class?

I am now teaching an advanced level for Reiki practitioners as a refresher course and a way to teach some of the intuitive techniques that I use in my own Reiki practice. I have had many people ask me to teach a class on deeper healing techniques, so I figured that adding them to their Reiki practice would be perfect!

In this class we will go over what we learned in Levels I & II and:

  • Learn how to use crystals in your Reiki practice in an intuitive manner.

  • Gain new ways of protecting yourself energetically.

  • Learn a simple way to tap into your intuition.

  • Learn a powerful technique to open your client's chakras to take in more healing energy.

  • Learn grounding techniques.

  • Discuss using a pendulum in your Reiki practice.

  • Learn an important technique in distant healing.

  • Learn techniques to help ground your client during their session.

  • Discuss: Is it you or your client's energy you are picking up in the session.

...and more!

Prerequisite: You must have completed Reiki levels I & II.

Date: TBA

Time: 9- 5 pm

Cost: $150.  which includes a $30 materials deposit and manual. Deposit is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another class within 1 year.

* This class also includes a free gift from me! :)

This class is not scheduled, however if there are any requests to have one, I will put it on the books! Just fill out the form and let me know.

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What students are saying about the class:

'‘It takes everything you’ve learned about Reiki and enhances- or amps it up! My favorite part was the exercises on each other. Doing something helps me remember better than reading or listening.’ SRR

“ Vickie rocks and her rocks do too. Shes very open to conversation about Reiki and all healing techniques. I feel more confident in myself as a healer.” CAF

“ The exercise on getting into your intuitive center was the golden ticket fo me!” Amy Sue

“ My favorite part was learning about crystals.” Deana